Qualitative social research and report writing  

Since 2010 I have been heavily involved in my local NHS trust where I sit on the Patients' Panel. I regularly carry out inspections which involve qualitative interviews with patients and their carers and with staff. My MSc in Social Research Methodology and my previous career in Quality Assurance in Social Services mean that I am quickly able to turn large amounts of qualitative data into succinct reports with recommendations.

Unlike most researchers, I am able to work unsocial hours, i.e. evenings, nights and weekends – a time when residents and patients are most vulnerable in social care and medical settings.

I am keen to expand this area of my work, so please get in touch if I can be of assistance. My contact details are on the Home Page.

  Richard Cauldwell of SpeechInAction shares my enthusiasm for using recordings of authentic speech:
  Meanwhile my good friends
Mark Hancock and Annie McDonald specialise in training students to analyse short segments of authentic speech: